In light of recent market developments, we want to reassure our US clients of our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional trading opportunities. Our global presence and proactive approach to regulatory compliance ensure that our US clients continue to enjoy a seamless trading experience.

Our Mission

At True Forex Funds, our foremost commitment is to our Clients. We understand the dynamic nature of the trading world and the unique challenges faced by traders in different regions, including the United States.

With the withdrawal of certain prop-firms from the US market, we want to reassure our US clients of our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional opportunities.

Diverse Global Footprint

Our global presence positions us uniquely to cater to a wide range of trading needs with diversified companies operating in the UAE, Hungary, and with a financial authority issued license in Dominica. This diversity in operational geography not only strengthens our market understanding but also ensures stability and a range of options for our Clients, regardless of their location.

Commitment to US Traders

For our US clients, this means more than just continued service. It means an opportunity to trade with a firm that values your participation in the global markets and strives to offer an enriched trading experience. We are here to ensure that your trading journey with us is not just uninterrupted but also flourishes under our guidance and support.

Adapting to Market Conditions

We recognize the complexities of the US market and are proactively adapting our services to align with its unique requirements. Our team is dedicated to navigating these challenges, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while preserving the quality and range of services our Clients have come to expect.

Looking Forward

As the trading landscape evolves, so do we. True Forex Funds is actively exploring new avenues to make our services even more accessible and beneficial for our US clients. We are committed to not just maintaining but enhancing our offerings, ensuring that we bring value to everyone interested in trading, guiding them further in their financial journey.

Your Trusted Partner in Trading

Our message to our US clients, partners, and those interested in our services is clear: True Forex Funds is here for you. We stand firm in our commitment to provide top-tier trading experiences across the globe, especially in the United States. As we continue to grow and adapt, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey, assured that with True Forex Funds, your trading aspirations are in capable hands.