We are thrilled to announce an exceptional achievement within our True Forex Funds community. One of our skilled traders from Michigan, USA, has attained the highest individual payout so far this year, with $127,533.264, setting a new standard for success in True Forex Funds history. 

This trader, who asked to remain anonymous, joined True Forex Funds in April 2022 and has been trading with a $200,000 account after successfully passing his evaluation. Throughout May 2023, he focused most of his efforts on trading gold and the US100, resulting in this remarkable payout of $127,533.264. This achievement was made possible through the significant funding provided by True Forex Funds, which allowed him to fully utilize his skills and maximize his profits.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to this outstanding trader, and our sincere gratitude to all 10,000+ members of our trading community. Your talent, commitment, and achievements drive our success. We are excited to keep moving forward, breaking more records and celebrating new milestones, together.

This success shows the remarkable potential of prop trading and the caliber of traders within our global community, and it closely follows our record-breaking total payouts of $3,525,821.47 in May 2023. These milestones reflect the proficiency of our traders, and the opportunities that True Forex Funds provides them.

As a trailblazing Forex prop trading firm, we are built on transparency and trust. With our bi-weekly, verified payouts and an impressive $15 million already paid out this year, we have a high standard for financial commitment to our traders. 

At True Forex Funds, we are dedicated to empowering our traders with the resources, funding, and support they need to excel. Your success is our success, and we remain committed to unlocking endless opportunities together. You bring your skills, we bring the funds.

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