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True Forex Funds’ focus mission is to help you make the right decision in your trading career. Read the detailed comparison between True Forex Funds and E8 Funding, to learn about all the key information such as account sizes and sign-up fees.

With True Forex Funds You’ll Get:

  1. Excellent evaluation program
  2. Higher overall drawdown limit
  3. Significantly lower sign-up fees
  4. The advantage of account sizes 
  5. High leverage 

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Side-by-side comparison table  of True Forex Funds and E8 Funding.

True Forex FundsE8 Funding
TrustPilot Score4.7/54.7/5
Total Trustpilot Reviews1,4461,093
Evaluation ProcessTwo-phase process
designed to test and
build trading skills
Two-phase process
Sign-up FeesSign-up fee starting at €89Sign-up fee starting at $228
Max Daily Drawdown5%5%
Max Overall Drawdown10%8%
Account Sizes$10,000 to $200,000
(scaling up to $2,500,000)
$25,000 to $250,000
SupportYes, along with weekly
blog posts and interviews
on our YouTube channel
Comparison table of True Forex Funds and E8 Funding

Two-phase Evaluation Program

True Forex Funds aims to provide traders with qualities like a realistic evaluation process, which is designed to prepare new traders for their funded account and help them learn all the necessary skills. The two-phase evaluation program includes 5 minimum trading days, advantageous drawdown limits and daily profit target.

True Forex Funds Account Types

True Forex Funds currently offers three account types, all designed to cater to different trading styles.

  • Standard Account: This type of account maintains a conventional approach to trading, requiring a minimum of 5 trading days within 30 and 60 days for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our evaluation process.
  • Quick Funding Account: This account type accelerates your trading journey by eliminating the minimum trading day requirement, making it perfect for traders who prefer a quicker pace.
  • Timeless Funding Account: This account type provides an unlimited trading period, ideal for those who prefer a relaxed pace, free from time constraints.

Both the Quick Funding and the Timeless Funding options can be purchased with all account sizes and currencies, with prices starting from €98.

The Advantage Of Account Sizes

As a funded trader choosing the right funded account is essential. Starting out with a smaller account provides traders the comfort of low-risk trading and experimenting with various trading strategies. While E8 Funding smallest funded account is $25,000, True Forex Funds offers funded accounts starting from $10,000. True Forex Funds also provides scaling up plans to its traders, allowing you to trade with as much as $2,500,000.

  • True Forex Funds pricing for Standard account:
    • $10,000 account for €89
    • $25,000 account for €189
    • $50,000 account for €299
    • $100,000 account for €499
    • $200,000 account for €998
  • True Forex Funds pricing for Quick Funding and Timeless Funding:
    • Both options are available with all account sizes and currencies
    • Prices are +10% on top of the Standard account size pricing
      • $10,000 account for €98, and so on
  • E8 Funding pricing:
    • $25,000 account for $228
    • $50,000 account for $338
    • $250,00 account for $988

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Much Higher Drawdown

Another important factor to consider is True Forex Funds’ 10% Overall Drawdown. E8 Funding provides a 8% Overall Drawdown with every funded account, as well as during the evaluation period. Although the difference seems small, in case of a bigger funded account it makes a huge difference in case of crossing this limit.

High Leverage

Leverage is important to both the company and its funded trader. True Forex Funds uses a 1:100 leverage, which is exceptionally high compared to other prop trading firms. This way traders can achieve better results much easies and faster. E8 Funding offers low leverage (1:50) in all their accounts, making it harder for traders to profit.

Transparent Payouts

True Forex Funds values the trust of our traders and we are committed to transparency around payouts. Our verified Payouts platform, as well as our Leaderboard are unique even among top prop trading firms – our traders’ success is our success, and we are proud to share their achievements.

Encouraging traders to use a wide variety of trading methods, True Forex Funds support all kinds of traders; scalpers, day traders, swing traders with all kinds of ideas and talent.

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