Welcome back to our Funded Trader Interview Series! Today, we bring you the inspiring story of Timoy from Ukraine, who turned a $400 start into an impressive $122,000 profit on a $50,000 account. Timoy shares the highs, lows, and valuable insights gained on his trading journey.

From Student to Trader: A Year-Long Evolution

Timoy’s trading journey began over a year ago, disrupting his last year of high school. Despite initial success, he faced setbacks but persevered through dedicated study, utilizing demo accounts. Timoy’s strategic move to True Forex Funds came after a trial, attracted by the multiple retries offered upon profitability.

Mastering Versatility: Trading Forex, Metals, and Indices

Timoy delves into his trading strategy, emphasizing a blend of fundamental and technical analysis. He meticulously studies interest rates, economic trends, and industry specifics for long-term directional bias. His favorite assets include Forex pairs, metals, and S&P 500 indices. Timoy, True Forex Funds’ first Ukraine trader, shares how geopolitical tensions impact his trading decisions.

Chart Analysis and Strategy Execution

Timoy walks us through his chart analysis routine, starting with the Dollar Index, crucial for understanding overall market dynamics. With a focus on gold, he details a recent successful trade, explaining the importance of identifying key points of interest and recognizing potential reversals.

Positive Experience with True Forex Funds

Our trader expresses satisfaction with True Forex Funds, highlighting prompt customer support, user-friendly dashboards, and the motivating leaderboard feature. He emphasizes the significance of prop firms for aspiring traders, enabling them to trade large sums with minimal risk.

Final Thoughts: The Transformative Power of Trading

He encourages aspiring traders to embark on the journey wisely, starting with demo accounts and progressing to challenges with prop firms. Timoy’s story exemplifies the transformative potential of trading, both financially and personally.

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