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Welcome to the next installment of our Trading Success interview series, where we explore the insights and experiences of some of the top traders at True Forex Funds.
In this blog post, we’ll be sharing highlights from our recent video interview with Lendberg, a highly successful trader who has graciously shared his strategies, philosophy, and tips for trading excellence. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge as we dive into their unique approach.

Meet Lendberg, the talented forex trader from the Bahamas. He is only 20 years old, but has already found his passion in the trading market and made a huge profit with True Forex Funds.

He came across the forex trading market during the pandemic in 2020, when he had a lot of time to invest in learning all the nuances of successful trading. 

The market involves profits and losses. You have got to learn about those losses and how to be disciplined.

He started off by teaching himself through YouTube videos to learn about different possibilities and options in trading.

The thing about success is you have to keep pursuing it. Because every great success comes with failure. You’ve got to embrace that failure and the journey.

It was only after failing several times that Lendberg became more and more confident in his skills. He had a long journey, but he always kept his motivation to try again until he succeeded.

After becoming a funded trader at True Forex Funds, he made huge profits within a week.

The fact that I’m the first one in my family to see those numbers is incredibly exciting.

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For traders, it is crucial to always be on top of their game when trading with a live account. Building discipline and staying mindful of all the ups and downs, losses, and profits will help all the pieces come together. According to Lendberg, that’s what makes a good trader. Most of trading isn’t about profiting but about withstanding the psychological game of it.

Psychology plays a very crucial part of it because you are dealing with numbers. You have to have a mindset about how you can do things and how you can put them into play.

Although it can be quite engaging, forex trading is a great opportunity for anyone due to its high liquidity and 24/7 accessibility.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our interview with Lendberg, one of the top traders at True Forex Funds. To learn even more, watch the full video interview, which is packed with wisdom and practical advice from a seasoned trading professional.

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