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Meet True Forex Funds trader Lamine from Dakar, Senegal. Learn about his advice for new traders, his mindset on the market, as well as maintaining his career and daily routine.

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I got interested in trading when I saw an additional business opportunity, and over time I loved it because of the adrenalin it gave me. I fell in love with it!

My favorite pair is the gold because of the volatility and liquidity, which meet my expectations. With gold, I can make all the profit I want.

Lamine Ndiaye is a young entrepreneur working in telecommunication and car service who, in just two years, became a successful forex trader after leaving his career behind. He learned about trading from a friend, and quickly after that, he started learning about the lifestyle, which comes with endless possibilities.

He has been trading professionally since 2020. After completing learning courses, he started testing new platforms and trading strategies, which finally gave him the confidence to open his first funded account. He has been profitable for more than a year now and enjoys spending time with his two sons in his free time.

During the day, I keep an eye for my business and watch for a trading opportunity. Apart from that, I love Supercars. I have two sons, and sometimes we go for a ride with my car to have fun.

As scalper Lamine usually takes a maximum of two trades per day and prefers shorter trades ranging from 20 minutes to 1 or 2 hours. Keeping his risk ratio low helps him stabilize his profit and keeps him on track during trading.

The number of pips is not the most important for me because all it depends on is your strategy, your trading skills, your risk ratio, and the size of your account.

His biggest challenge throughout his trading career has been psychological. Having been more profitable in the comfort of demo accounts, he had to learn emotional stability using live accounts as well. The most important lesson he learned in two years was to let minor opportunities pass and focus only on the truly important ones.

True Forex Funds is a super efficient way to grow quickly in the industry and are relevant for its speed of payment of every two weeks. True Forex Funds is the one with which I feel the most comfortable and which I feel the closest to.

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