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Welcome to the next installment of our Trading Success interview series, where we explore the insights and experiences of some of the top traders at True Forex Funds.
In this blog post, we’ll be sharing highlights from our recent video interview with James, a highly successful trader who has graciously shared their strategies, philosophy, and tips for trading excellence. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge as we dive into their unique approach.

James, a seasoned trader, has years of market experience under his belt. His story isn’t about an overnight success, but rather a testament to perseverance, calculated risks, and the good fortune of having a seasoned mentor to guide him through the early stages of his career.

I was very lucky that when I started, I had somebody who really knew the game because I think a lot of people, when they first get into trading, don’t really understand what it is they’re getting into, like 90 percent of trade is loose. That’s the reality of it.

James now knows just how crucial it is to be aware of all the details of the market before one starts trading. Looking at the market through the eyes of a professional from the first day on was an experience that moved his career further than he ever imagined it could go.

What comes fast goes faster. After losing a large amount of money, the market humbled him. James, being the invincible man that he is, did not give up. His goal was to get the biggest capital he could, and this kept him motivated. So he kept on going, and now he is very content with the success of his Forex trading account.

It’s a long road to get there and to be able to build that skill set, but it’s awesome, obviously, once you get it going.

His advice for traders who are just starting to experience the market is to never think you are unconquerable, never have too much pride. Stay modest and be patient; rather wait out a great opportunity than jump into uncertainty.
Seek mentors and talk to people who have experience in the field.

Communication is the key to success. Getting information from people who have a better understanding of what steps to take in order to have a successful day on the trading market. Asking for advice is not a weakness but a great strength. And in the trading field as well, anyone who is looking to get on top of their game must have strength.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our interview with James, one of the top traders at True Forex Funds. To learn even more, watch the full video interview, which is packed with wisdom and practical advice from a seasoned trading professional.

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