Welcome to the next instalment of our Trading Success interview series, where we explore the insights and experiences of some of the top traders at True Forex Funds.

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing highlights from our recent interview with Quoc, a highly successful trader who has graciously shared his strategy, philosophy, and tips for trading excellence. Get ready to gain valuable knowledge as we dive into his unique approach.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a successful trader while juggling a day job? 

Meet Quoc, a 39-year-old accountant from the UK, who ventured into the world of trading part-time and found tremendous success. His journey began with research, YouTube videos, True Forex Funds and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

What is Quoc’s Trading Secret?

Beginning with pockets of free time amidst his full-time responsibilities, Quoc crafted a solid trading strategy. He focused on harnessing the power of trading support and resistance levels based on technical analysis. Trials and errors, along with continuous learning from experts, are always his rules of thumb. With a notepad by his side, Quoc documented his missteps, transforming them into stepping stones toward improvement. He emphasized:

Lots of silly mistakes makes me learn quickly!

Yet, finding a secure environment for learning and minimizing potential losses remained paramount. His quest led him to the realm of prop firms, where True Forex Funds emerged as the standout choice. Raving about its sterling reputation and stellar reviews, Quoc particularly praises the reintroduction of the New Quick Funding Program. He affirmed:

The concept of zero trading days, which initially attracted me to True Forex Funds, is now back in play. I believe it’s a smarter approach because sometimes you achieve your target quickly and then spend the remaining time trading tiny lots just to fulfill the requirement, which can be a waste of time.

Advice for Beginners

For aspiring traders, Quoc offers valuable advice. Understand the basics, manage risks, start small, and grow with confidence. Learn from losses without chasing them, be patient, and above all, avoid the pitfalls of greed. On personal psychology, he also advises building your own discipline and sticking to the plan to avoid the pitfalls of hindsight and regret.

It leads him to underscore the need for a fitting prop firm that meets your learning goals, with swift payouts and smooth experiences. He affirmed, “Using prop firms like True Forex Funds is a smart way to practice your skills without the risk. Sure, you could argue about using a live account, but its rules help you plan your trades better. True Forex Funds is definitely one of the best prop firms out there”.

Recently, Quoc cashed out an impressive $14,632. A true testament to the power of discipline and sticking to your plan.

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