Trading Rules

Which Trading Strategies Are Prohibited?

Normally, we approve all profitable trading styles and our clients are largely recognized and accepted.

We have to mention some questionable actions, which we can not support, due to they can not be credited or authorized at True Forex Funds.

First and foremost, changing the Trading platform’s (MetaTrader’s, cTraders) password is not allowed. As a consequence, the account would be immediately suspended.

Account management is not allowed, since we are looking to evaluate our traders skills individually.

Prohibited trading strategies are forbidden because they are vulnerable and impractical in the real world of the Forex Market, therefore the market may reject them or we wouldn’t accept them to ensure our traders follow proper procedures toward funding.

Certain EAs and robots, take advantage of the trading platforms (MetaTrader’s, cTraders) inefficiencies. Tick scalping, arbitrage bots – reverse arbitrage – latency arbitrage – hedge arbitrage, HFT trading or any emulators are prohibited.

Strategies that are not trading according to live conditions are not allowed.

Simultaneously opening positions in opposite directions on different accounts is forbidden.

If anyone would use any of the mentioned strategies above, we have to dismiss the account and all remuneration is lost.

If these are unfamiliar, then it is most likely we’ll have a high collaboration.

For further information, please read the T&C’s sections 6 and 7.

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