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What Documents Do I Need for True Forex Funds?

To Sign up for the program our clients do not need to authenticate their accounts.

Know Your Customer or KYC Documents is a regulatory requirement to secure our and our trader’s operations and to receive the Funded Account after successfully finishing the Evaluation Process. Therefore, we only ask it after passing one of the evaluation process options (i.e., Two Phase, One PhaseQuick and Limitless Funding).

Since the Funded Program is a serious career opportunity, this would only be a plain task, just like hiring at any company.

The following documents will be acceptable.

Personal ID and Selfie: We accept government-issued ID, a valid passport, a national identification card, a driving license or any other government-issued form of ID.

Proof of Address: We accept documents that are not older than 3 months and issued by a financial institution, utility company, government agency or judicial authority. The following can be accepted:

  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • Utility bills (electricity, water or gas bills)
  • Television services, phone or internet bills
  • Tax Documents

The dashboard’s Personal Information has to match the uploaded documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I upload my documents?

Once the successfully passed evaluation account is verified at our end, we will notify you via email and the option to upload KYC documents will be available in the Client area. We verify our client’s KYC during business hours. Until then we appreciate your patience.

I can’t upload my documents in the client area. What are the first steps?

First, you will receive our congratulations email for passing the evaluation. Only, then you’ll be permitted to upload documents. Just sign in at click on the Profile, sign the Contracts, select Verification and upload the relevant documents.

Don’t worry if you don’t succeed in uploading the photos right away. We will notify you, explain what you need to change and give you another go.

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