Trading Rules

Which Trading Styles Are Allowed?

At True Forex Funds, we champion creativity in trading styles and welcome all kinds of traders! Our aim is to allow you to use your unique trading skills to effectively manage our capital, and we are open to every path that leads to profitable outcomes. Whether you lean towards traditional approaches or prefer automated systems, we appreciate the efficacy that diverse strategies bring to the table.

From scalpers seizing small market movements, day traders capitalizing on daily price changes, swing traders riding the longer market waves, to newcomers just setting sail on their trading journey, each one of you is valued here.

We support the use of trading tools, indicators, Expert Advisors (EAs), and bots to enhance your performance. High Frequency Trading (HFT) is also permitted, provided it adheres to live trading conditions. For those who favor hedging, feel free to exercise this strategy within the same account.

For traders who prefer to augment their trading with a Martingale strategy or rely on signal services, these are also acceptable within our framework. We impose no boundaries on the utilization of stop losses or trading volumes, and we encourage you to carve out your own trading preferences.

While we don’t restrict your trading style, we must stress the importance of thorough risk management. We ask that you respect our Loss Limits, fostering a trading environment that is as risk-averse as it is profitable. This way, we can thrive together in the exciting world of Forex trading.


What types of traders does True Forex Funds welcome?

We welcome all kinds of traders, from scalpers, day traders, swing traders to new traders. Our platform is open to diverse trading styles.

Are trading tools and bots allowed at True Forex Funds?

Yes, we support the use of trading tools, indicators, Expert Advisors (EAs), and bots.

Can I use a Martingale strategy or signal services at True Forex Funds?

Absolutely! We permit the use of both Martingale strategies and signal services within our trading framework.

Does True Forex Funds allow hedging within the same account?

Yes, hedging is allowed on our platform within the same account.

Are there any restrictions on stop losses or trading volumes at True Forex Funds?

We do not impose boundaries on the utilization of stop losses or trading volumes.

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