Funded account withdrawals occur on a bi-weekly basis, meaning at the end of every 14 calendar days trading cycle. Withdrawals are processed during the weekend, as well.

The payout period starts after the first opened position on the funded account. Bi-weekly payouts can be configured in the dashboard on the payout date after receiving a notification email.

For concrete steps visit the Profit Split section.

Payouts are regularly issued with Letsdeel.com to enjoy a wide variety of options including regular Bank transfers, Crypto payout via Coinbase, Binance, PayPal, Revolut, Wisepay, Payoneer or Deel Card.

Deel is the fastest way to receive the profit splits. Since we care about our trader’s well-being it is important to have an ideal withdrawal method.

To receive payouts sign up as a contractor and complete the individual profile on their website at https://www.letsdeel.com/

When you request a profit split please set your registered Deel email address in the dashboard. We will send you a contract through Deel for approval prior to your payout.

You can also withdraw your profit split in USDT ERC20.

We do not charge any commissions for withdrawals.

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