Payout & Withdrawal Methods

True Forex Funds operates on a bi-weekly payout cycle, ensuring traders receive their earnings every 14 calendar days. We even process withdrawals over the weekend to ensure timely payouts. This cycle commences after your first position is opened on a funded account, and payout notifications will be sent via email.

To understand the specifics, please visit our Profit Split Assistance post.

Crypto payouts (USDT ERC20) and direct bank transfers are our primary, secure, and proven methods for processing your withdrawals. For those in the SEPA zone, it’s essential to ensure your provided bank account can accept USD to avoid any delay in receiving your funds. Multi-currency accounts are always acceptable.

We always strive to enhance our payout process. Currently, we’re developing innovative solutions to offer a wide variety of safe, convenient, and fast withdrawal options for our traders. Stay tuned for updates!

At True Forex Funds, we prioritize transparency – we don’t charge any commissions for withdrawals, so what you earn is exactly what you get.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are withdrawals processed at True Forex Funds?

Withdrawals are processed on a bi-weekly basis, including over weekends. This cycle starts with the opening of your first position on a funded account.

What withdrawal methods are available at True Forex Funds?

We support crypto payouts through USDT ERC20 and direct bank transfers.

Are there any commission charges for withdrawals at True Forex Funds?

No, we do not charge any commissions on withdrawals. We believe in transparency and ensuring our traders receive their full earnings.

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