Trading Objectives

True Forex Funds has well-defined trading objectives that help our clients take disciplinary steps toward their goals, organize with due measure and embrace appropriate risk management.

Our Evaluation Process is tailored for the demands of Proprietary Trading, to trade successfully and be committed to us, largely.

The trading objectives contain terms such as,

Profit target: the destination which the accounts closed positions (both balance and equity) must reach, measured in percentage (%).

For all accounts in Phase 1, the profit target is 8%, and for Phase 2 it is 5%.

Meaning a $100,000 account closed positions (balance and equity) have to reach $108,000 in Phase 1, while in Phase 2 $105,000. In other words, the accounts must generate profits of $8,000 in Phase 1 or $5,000 in Phase 2.

Trading period: the max duration to pass a phase, in calendar days.

For Phase 1 the cut-off time is 30 calendar days, for Phase 2 it is 60 calendar days. These are the maximum days the account must meet the profit targets. Undoubtedly, if the account reached the desired profit target within our 5 minimum trading days, the trading period is automatically terminated and we will be immediately alerted to start assessing the account for the next stage. All trades must be closed to pass.

The Funded program does not come with profit targets or trading periods to ensure further flexibility for our experienced traders.

To prevent our traders to operate unprepared or vulnerable in the trading environment, we require our clients to manage the accounts with reasonable care to risk to assure longevity. For these reasons, all accounts at all stages respectively have to keep the general 5% of Maximum Daily Loss and 10% of Maximum Overall Loss limits for successful validation.


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