Scaling Up plan

True Forex Funds was built with traders in mind to praise success stories and lead with integrity. Our goals are the same as our traders. We do not only provide accounts to capitalize on market movement without risking one’s own money but we award consistence excellence by upgrading successful funded account initial deposits with an added 25% in every three-month cycle.

Our clients are entitled to a 25% initial deposit increase every 90 days if they generated an overall profit of 8% and they had at least 3 withdrawals before.

When scaling up, the loss limits remain at their standard levels (5% of Max Daily Loss and 10% of Max Overall Loss) and are adjusted to the scaled-up accounts accordingly.

After qualifying for the scaling-up plan, the next funded account will receive the 25% increase. Always new accounts are eligible for scaling.


Let’s see it in action:

If a client opens a $100,000 account, passes the evaluation process and receives the funded account, the scaling plan will come into effect from the first trade opened on the funded account. Our traders have to keep the trading objectives to qualify for the scaling program and on the $100,000 account 8% or rather $8,000 profits must be generated. Obviously, the generated profits are withdrawable at any time during the trading period and it does not affect the scaling plan but at least 3 withdrawals have to happen before the scaled-up account.

The first eligible scaling will add the initial deposit of 25% to the $100,000 account, resulting in a new funded account of $125,000.

The second eligible scaling will add the initial deposit of 25% to the opening account size resulting in a new funded account of $150,000 account and so on, with no upside restrictions or limitations in place to merit special attention to our traders.

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