About the Program

True Forex Funds is the best option for traders who want to take advantage of the market without risking their own capital.  We select our traders one by one through our standard 2-phase evaluation process to ensure their place in the company, helping our clients to build financial well-being with proprietary capital up to $400,000. Beyond funding, we help our traders develop favorable habits.

We are looking for talented individuals with a competitive edge to trade on behalf of True Forex Funds. We optimized our world-renown program with easily followable trading objectives to forge ahead one’s trading career where they can manage funds remotely and increase the account in accordance with our Scaling Up Plan. Through our Evaluation Process, our clients qualify themselves to trade with their choice of accounts and receive 80% profit shares, while we cover all losses if any, to realize one’s full potential.

It’s that simple. Our trading objectives hold our traders accountable for finishing what they started. To develop a disciplined, well-rounded and profitable trading career.

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