Phase 1 is the beginning of the Evaluation Process. A milestone with reasonable trading objectives to clear and advance to the next and final Phase 2 before becoming a funded trader.

True Forex Funds offers an inclusive deal for all traders in Phase 1, with 8% profit target to reach within 30 calendar days, on all accounts. Moreover, we have amicable solutions for our clients to trade at their convenience.

We think like traders, this is why the trading period starts with the first actual trade placed on the account to offer great flexibility. On the other hand, with 5 minimum trading days, our clients do not need to utilize the full 30 days. It is possible to continue to Phase 2, straight away, as soon as the 8% profit target was reached and the account is verified.

This standardized evaluation not only attracts our clients but aids in good trading habits. Regardless of experiencing Proprietary Trading for the very first time or for a long time, our conventional simple rules help our traders to qualify for Phase 2  and prepare for the upcoming funded account with ease

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