We know the market may be turbulent sometimes, personal tasks may intersect plans or unexpected delays may kneel down expectations. This is why we introduce the Free retry plan for every 2-Phase Evaluation Account.

If the trading objectives are kept but the profit target is not met under the cut-off time period and the account balance (and equity) is positive, we will issue a Free retry account to start over at the current stage.

We offer unlimited retries for all evaluation accounts within the applicable circumstances.

On closer inspection, if a Phase 1 account 30 days trading period expired, but the Free retry conditions are met, we will send new Phase 1 login credentials, usually the following business day. If a Phase 2 account trading period expired with a Free retry acceptance, then we will send a new Phase 2 account, in due time.

The new accounts will arrive with the original initial deposit, to pass the predominant Trading Objectives from the beginning.

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