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True Forex Funds clients must first complete our Evaluation Process to become funded traders. Profitability and determination must be put to the test to cultivate proficiency. Once the evaluation process is completed we’ll set up a funded account.

We have comprehensive account options to choose from ranging between 10,000 and 200,000 nominated in USD, EUR or GBP currencies to meet the demands of our clients.

Our 3 interconnected stages follow one another in combining the Evaluation process of Phase 1 and Phase 2; and the exclusive Funded Program.

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Start at Phase 1: We offer our clients a variety of instruments, platforms and options to choose from to trade the way they do best while meeting our rules in 30 calendar days to pass the first stage and proceed to the second phase.

Persevere at Phase 2: Maintaining consistency and profitability can be challenging but attainable, this is why Phase 2 assures our traders, that they follow their standard procedures. Most of all, Phase 2 has extended 60 calendar days to meet easier rules.

Obtain the Funded Program: After successfully achieving the desired objectives and verifying one’s identity, as a regulatory requirement to keep True Forex Funds a safe place, we grant the funded account with simpler rules than before, contributing to our trader’s success.

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