Determined in bringing you innovative solutions to further ease your trading journey, True Forex Funds is delighted to introduce two new options to our Challenge phases. Both options are already available, so head over to and enter a brand-new trading journey!

The new 5K Challenge, available for all accounts, allows you to access an account of 5,000 USD for an entry fee of just 49 Euros (or equivalent). This low-investment challenge is tailored to the needs of less advanced traders, providing the perfect way to enter, experience and enjoy the benefits of prop trading at the lowest cost possible.

The Swap Free option is available for all USD accounts, now including the 1 Phase and the brand new 5K Challenges as well. Selecting this option means no fees will be paid or received for holding positions overnight – ever. Not only does this option cater to Islamic traders but also allows the whole TFF community of traders to follow new and unique strategy options and to manage their balance and equity with even more predictability.

How to get started:

The 5K Challenge and the Swap Free option are already available for all newly created user accounts. Simply select the 5K Challenge to access and explore this new possibility. The Swap Free option is available for all USD accounts as an extra option when configuring your new account. Try them now!

At True Forex Funds, we’re determined to empower your trading journey by providing new products, cutting-edge tools and unwavering support. We’re confident that these latest additions will further enhance your trading experience and help you achieve your own financial goals faster, easier and more efficiently than ever before.

Keep an eye out for further updates and innovations as we continue to refine and optimize our services to serve you better.