By Richard Nagy, CEO of True Forex Funds

When I started True Forex Funds, I wanted to build a trading firm that truly cared for its traders. Today, with over $55 million in payouts given to traders, I am proud of what our team and our community of traders has achieved in just two years.

Our Achievements

On November 10, 2023, we reached a big milestone: our overall payouts reached 55,060,946.98 USD. This number really shows the strength and talent of our trader community, as well as our dedication to rewarding the hard work of our traders.

We are proud to recognize and fund exceptional trading talent. Every payout signifies a story of determination, skill, and success, and our traders’ success stories are our biggest achievements.

Building Trust

In recent times, trust in trading firms has been tested, but True Forex Funds stands strong and continues to grow. Our European roots mean we follow strict rules and regulations for how we operate, and our high Trustpilot score shows our dedication to transparency and building a service loved and trusted by traders across the globe.

Transparency isn’t just a word for us; it’s a foundational value we respect both inside our organization, and towards our global community of traders. We want our traders to trust us, always.

Innovation and Looking Ahead

We want to be leaders in the trading world. We don’t just aspire to be ahead of the curve; we aim to redefine it. Our vision is to be the most innovative company in the prop trading landscape.

With True Forex Funds, the future is bright, and we always look for new ways to help our traders. One big step we took recently was introducing One-Phase Funding, to allow our traders to grow without extra challenges.

As we celebrate this major milestone, I want to thank our entire community. Your trust, support, and hard work are a big part of our story. We are grateful to have you with us on this journey.

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