Our traders at True Forex Funds have broken records once again with the total payouts of $3,525,821.47 for the month of May 2023. The average profit was almost $3,000 across all accounts, paid out to a total of 1,176 traders. Our top trader made a whopping profit of $56,333.23. Gold accounted for over $1.5 million in payouts – we had written about why gold should be on your asset list here.

To celebrate this record payout month, we are offering a 5% discount for both our new and existing customers taking part in the 2-Phase Evaluation Process until 4th June, 2023. Simply use RECORD5 at checkout to receive the discount automatically.

True Forex Funds is the only fx prop firm offering a transparent and verified payout history, with payments going out every two weeks. Having already disbursed over $14.7 million this year to date, we are committed to providing our traders with not only funding grants of up to $400,000, but also the tools, technology, and know-how to become successful Forex traders.

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